the science

The principle behind the design of these products is based on several published studies, and is exactly the same principle used by therapeutic products such weighted blankets and weighted vests. Some of these studies can be found in our fact page. In short, the claim that having pressure on one’s body contributes to feelings of calm and reduction of anxiety, and the claim that pressure on one’s body promotes the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, are backed up by science.  

In addition to the above, we have tested the products and found that most users felt calmer after the use of the products.

The level of benefit depends on the user as well as several factors, including their stress level and the environment where the user is in. Other factors also include the duration of use.

the huggu experience

Sitting in the Senchaise feels more snug than a regular chair. This is because the Senchaise is designed to give a slight hugging sensation, due to the combination of the hidden suspension as well as the stretch fabric. 

You may use the products for as long as you are comfortable. In general, sitting in the Senchaise for 20 minutes would increase the probability for the user to experience its benefits.

The flaps are slightly weighted. The total combined weight of both flaps combined is slightly under 2kg, a manageable weight for most users.

The weighted component in the flaps is removable. Do take care to empty the filling into separate containers, under breezeless conditions, and replace the filling to the desired amount.

the products

Fabric cover: STREXX™(polyester, spandex blend);

Inner bag: spandex

Filling: Expanded Polystyrene

Weighted components for the Senchaise: Polypropylene

The Senchaise Frame: Stainless Steel, Polyester

The products are all designed to be without any sharp corners. In addition, the zippers for inserts are child-safe, with their flaps removed. 


huggu products are designed to have two layers. The inserts can be removed to allow the cover to be washed. For machine washing, do use the gentle setting and wash separately. Line dry.

After a period of extended use (depending on the user), the filling may compress. Each insert has a child-safe zip that can be opened to top up the filing.

The insert zippers are locked for safety purposes. To unlock them, slide a paper clip (or a similar object) through the zipper hole, and use the clip as a zipper flap.


Currently, huggu products are made to order, and will be ready to ship about 7 days from order. For Singapore orders, huggu products should reach you within 10 days of order.

Shipping is free within Singapore. 

For international orders, please contact us and let us know your delivery details so that we may give you a shipping quote.

Yes. If you are buying for an office, school, care facility, therapy centre, hotel, do drop us an email with the quantity you are looking at and we will be happy to give you a quote.