huggu uses Pressure Therapy principles in its design, using a combination of stretch fabric, suspension, and weighted filling so that a gentle but firm compression is applied to the user. This pressure resembles what one experiences when receiving a hug.

The benefits associated with hugging and Pressure Therapy have been studied and documented since the 1960s. 

Studies have shown that hugging and Pressure Therapy encourages the production of hormones linked to mental health and well-being.


linked to feel-good sensations, decreasing anxiety


a mood stabiliser, linked to feelings of well-being and happiness


linked to feelings of pleasure and motivation

Pressure Therapy is additionally beneficial to people: 

with sensory processing disorders

who struggle with proprioception 

who suffer from sensory overload

People affected by such issues include people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety Disorder. Pressure Therapy helps to regulate their senses.

In addition, Pressure Therapy is useful for people averse to human contact.