huggu™ is furniture designed to give you a hug. Designed to implement pressure therapy principles to boost calm as well as reduce anxiety, huggu is meant to benefit both neurodivergent and neurotypical users.

the motivation behind huggu™

Together with STUCK, and with the support of Enterprise Singapore, the creators of doob Bean Bags set out to develop a fresh line of products with the goal of benefiting both neurotypical and neurodivergent users using pressure therapy principles. Subject matter experts in occupational therapy were consulted, including A/Prof. May Lim (Singapore Institute of Technology) about the calming effect of pressure as well as the nature of sensory processing. 

Recognising that there exists a stigma surrounding mental health that makes some people and families hesitant to take steps to improve their mental health and wellbeing, it was paramount that this collection be designed to complement an interior, unlike traditional therapy devices which were not intended to be aesthetic and so tended to stick out at home.

huggu is a collaborative effort between doob Bean Bags and STUCK Design. doob Bean Bags, known for its quality bean bags, had noticed that its products were not only a favourite with homeowners looking for a furniture product more comfortable than regular chairs, but were particularly sought after by schools and special needs facilities for use in therapy and counselling rooms. Upon further research, it was discovered that doob bean bags were used due to the calming effect produced, as well as their ability to help with sensory regulation. 

the name huggu™

“huggu” is a word that embodies what we wish for in our products.

huggu is the pronunciation of the word “hug” in Katakana, ハグ (“ha-gu”). 

huggu is also derived from the Danish concept of “hygge”, itself derived from the Norse word “hugr”. Hygge describes a mental state of feeling safe, comfortable, and at ease.

We wish to deliver the feelings of comfort, safety, and ease, as well as the benefits associated with a hug via our various products. Likewise, huggu product names are inspired by products that people derive comfort from. Sencha, chaise, and sense, together gives you “Senchaise”. 

huggu is a cup of warm tea, curled up in a soft cozy chair.

about the designer

Design should make things — messages, objects, interactions, spaces, experiences, brands — that people love. 

Since founding in 2010, STUCK has helped to define market shifting innovations for bold startups and forward thinking brands around the world. The studio’s trans-disciplinary and progressive work has garnered over 30 international awards, including the Red Dot, iF, IDSA and the prestigious President’s Design Award.

about mental health and inclusivity

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it painfully clear that mental health is as important as physical health. As such, it is a silver lining in a dark cloud that mental health issues are slowly being recognised by societies and governments as something that should not be ignored. However, this is still an uphill climb.

Mental health issues and special needs are still being surrounded by stigma. Many individuals and families, neurodiverse and neurotypical alike, are embarrassed to take steps to better their mental health and wellbeing. huggu seeks to address this stigma through design, by gently easing therapeutic practices into a living space or a household via items that feel safe to the user.