Furniture that
gives you a hug

huggu is a series of furniture designed to boost calm and reduce anxiety to the user using pressure therapy principles.

Give Yourself a Hug

Mental health is important to overall well-being, but is often-ignored. huggu uses pressure therapy principles to generate the benefits of hugging, and help evoke a sense of calm while reducing anxiety.

Beauty in Simplicity

No mechanical or electronic parts means no bulky and ugly motors and levers that break down. The Senchaise boasts hidden suspensions and a minimalist “weightless” design to complement your decor.

All-Embracing; Embracing All

Designed to be inclusive and used by both neurotypical as well as neurodivergent users  – no weird parts; no stigma. A set of furniture designed to complement urban living.

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Ask us about having huggu™ at your facility or school. No obligations, no anxiety.