The Senchaise – hugging chair


The Senchaise is a chair you take refuge in, from the stresses and anxieties of modern living. Designed using principles from sensory processing and pressure therapy, the Senchaise promotes the production of hormones that are linked to mental health and wellbeing. Sink into the Senchaise for twenty minutes or more to help wind down.

Unlike bulky therapy devices, the Senchaise is designed to be furniture, to fit into your home without sticking out or taking up precious space.

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Suspension design

The Senchaise is designed with a special mechanism that allows the user to sink gently into it as the cushioned component gently presses against the user’s body.


Weighted flaps

Special weighted channels form the armrest of the Senchaise, which can then be placed on the user’s lap to create more pressure whenever desired.


Floating Design

bulkless aesthetic


Practical Design

Removable parts for easier maintenance


Gentle Design

no sharp corners

Additional information


Height (floor to top of back including cushion):, Height (floor to top of back excluding cushion):, Armrest height (including cushion):, Armrest height (excluding cushion):, Seat height (floor to lowest point of seat when unseated):, Seat width (width of frame):, Seat Depth (edge of cushion seat to the back):

Fabric material

STREXX™ stretch fabric